Peacocks Pet care


About me :
Sarah Peacock

First Aid course practise


I adore animals, they are my passion! 

So I decided to try and fulfill my dreams and set up a petcare business in 2012.

I now work full time caring for lots of my gorgeous furry friends.

I live with my 2 now adult children and 2 guinea pigs in a village on the edge of Bury St. Edmunds. I had small animals, a cat and a dog as a child myself and adored them all, even the cleaning out.

We thought we might get our own dog but we have the best of both worlds doing this job as we care for animals big and small. Our hearts break when they move away or sadly pass on but we are blessed with the time we get to share and love all of them!

I have been on a Veterinary First Aid course with Swayne Vets and also have experience of giving medical assistance and administering medicine to cats and dogs with varying illnesses.

I hold full insurance with Pet Business Insurance Ltd and a boarding licence with West Suffolk council. 

I previously worked as a primary school teacher and hold the CRB checks from then.

I am running this as a taxable business and am registered with HM Revenue.


Pet First Aid, Seizures and Fitting, Emerging diseases in the UK (Canine), Osteoarthritis, 


So far I have looked after puppies up to 16 year old dogs. Kittens up to 20 year old cats. 

My dogs have ranged from a Miniature Yorkshire Terrier up to a full sized English Mastiff (think Lioness and you're getting close to the size).

I have also looked after Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Degus, African Land Snails and Bearded Dragons.