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Back from Spain to my beloved furry friends

Posted by peacockspetcare on May 19, 2017 at 9:55 AM

After a week away for the start of May in sunny Spain, where they were bemused by me cooing over their dogs, it was back to Bury and my lovely packs!

I had a new boy start with me, Trippy is a lovely Retriever, all smiles and chatty and he absolutely loves making friends with the other dogs but far and away his favourite dog is Heston. He follows him everywhere and trying to get him out of the car to go home at the end of the walk is tricky if Heston is still in there!

He's been out for local walks on his own as well as with the afternoon gang at the forest. He did get a bit embarrassed when he tried to copy a ditch jumping Heston only to end up at the bottom of the ditch staring up at us! Bless him, he reconsidered his need to follow Heston absolutely everywhere after that!

It's been lovely seeing all my dogs again, poor Pip though is really suffering with her legs at the moment,unfortunately it does seem to be a Lab thing that they get hip or joint problems. Hopefully the treatment will work and she'll soon be bounding about again!

Tuesday turned in to a real scorcher so we had a play in the garden, well 3 of them did. Herbie fell asleep by my chair and Flo just sat and watched the others be silly. They soon all needed to relax and catch their breath. They drank so much water that Id' never have been able to carry enough had we dared venture out for a hot and sticky walk!

I was straight back in to visiting my cat friends again. Forrest, Thomas and William were as friendly as ever, lots of strokes and purrs. Jack was as elusive as ever but it was Maisy who was the big surprise.

Since I started visiting her years ago she's always disliked me, prefers to hiss and bat at me if I dare look in her direction. This time though she would greet me at the door, chat away to me and even give me head rubs. I even managed a 30 seconds stroke session too! She's going soft in her old age! Even Elliott her bunny friend was happy to be stroked, Ethel not so much!

We sadly lost one of Guinea Pigs to old age before we went away but after allowing his brother a little grieving time we took him to the RSPCA where he picked out his new companion. Although I have 2 pairs of guinea pigs attempts to introduce and get all 4 to live happily together has never worked, they'll talk through the wire mesh but that's as close as they like. Hence why Kinder needed a new mate, Cavy's need companionship they are not a solitary animal and have been known to die of loneliness.

We have Flo the pug in at the moment, snoring away as I type. If the weather is good at the dog show on Sunday we'll take her over, don't think her and her carriage will cope in the rain though!

Newton's Cradle = British weather

Posted by peacockspetcare on April 28, 2017 at 10:10 AM

Saw a great meme this week that summed up British weather perfectly - Ball clackers (Newton's Cradle) bouncing from sun to hail in the blink of an eye!

I've actually been pretty lucky with the walks, caught in brief hail and a little rain but not had a thoroughly drenching walk! Both Buddy and Benji were totally unimpressed with the hail and were determined not to move anywhere in it!

We had Buddy and Herbie in with Odie so with Grandad, son and Grandson in it was happy families. They actually all get on well and respect personal space, at 4 I think Buddy has finally learned to give his elders their peace and quiet!

It was then a weekend with our puppy Springer, though now he is 1 I guess he isn't really a puppy but don't tell him that! He was over the moon to bump into his best friend, a Lab the same age, up at Hardwick Heath on the Sunday. He enjoyed a run around and play whilst his owner tackled the London Marathon!

I have had a fairly quiet week with just walks to do whilst fairly successfully dodging the erratic Spring weather.

Just had a catch up with my young friend Bella and enjoyed a play and cuddles!

Easter walks and visits

Posted by peacockspetcare on April 20, 2017 at 3:10 PM

Hope you all had a great Easter and all the pets didn't get their paws on chocolate eggs!

I have been on a Veterinary First Aid course at Swayne partners over the past few weeks and learned some useful tips, and had my confidence boosted in administering first aid to the dogs. We covered Bites, stings, allergic reactions, choking, Heatstroke, poisoning and how to administer bandaging and CPR.

If you get the chance to attend a First aid course through your local vet I can highly recommend them.

It's been a busy few weeks. Lots of dog walks, numerous furry friends in and out and catching up with a lot of my cat friends.

Penelope was back for a weekend and joined us for a day out at Felixstowe, an impromptu decision to go out meant that Heston found his walk being a bit different from normal!

We've had a new friend come and stay, Crumble is a young Labradoodle full of beans but also loves a good cuddle! She made best friends with Lara when she came back in to stay for a while. It's lovely watching them running around and playing, especially as at nearly 9 you would think Lara might not want to 'wrestle' with a youngster but she loved every minute.

The girls are now back home and we're looking forward to their next visits!

Lisa came in for a weekend and enjoyed a trip up to Hunstanton with us whilst Flo rode around regally in her carriage!

I spent the first week of the Easter holiday visiting 6 of my cat friends, it's nice to see how quickly they remember you and are keen for strokes and fuss again. Only one of them is still a bit shy but her sister loves attention and giving head rubs! Now I'm visiting 4 cute little Degus.

The dogs have enjoyed seeing old friends join us on the odd walk whilst their owners make the most of the good weather, Max and Marley Mouse joined us at the forest.

Over the Easter holidays we had Flo for the full 2 weeks with Billy and Heston having one night sleepovers. I'm currently squashed over the sofa by a family of Lancashire Heelers, Buddy and Herbie have bought Buddy's Dad (Herbie's son) in for the night so have a few sneaky cuddles!

I imagine the dogs are missing the presence of the children on the walks now they are back at school, I bet just Sarah gets boring!

Billy joined today for his first weekly walk with us, he was thoroughly confused by my appearance to take him out, used to being dropped off at mine for sleepovers!

Quiet(ish) start to March

Posted by peacockspetcare on March 18, 2017 at 8:50 PM

Catching up on blog whilst settled in for an afternoon of rugby.

Dogless this weekend which feels strange.

We had Max, the boxer, come in for a stay last weekend whilst his owners went to see other Boxers and dogs at Crufts.

Lisa was very excited to see her owners come home, was sad to see her go, enjoyed practising our Italian on her!

I've been enjoying walks at the forest with the dogs, every new route we take we discover a bit more damage that Doris caused.

I enjoyed visiting my cat friends Candy and Maddy again whilst their owner was away. Cheeky Maddy likes to sit by the living room door in the hope she'll get to run upstairs when I go, I'm slightly more cunning than her though!

I also made a new friend this week, visiting a young Cocker, Bella. She reminded me a lot of Luna, lots of energy, running all over. She enjoys the chase too, likes to grab the ball, roll it near me then grab it and run off when she seems me coming!

We were lucky this week with the walks, most of them I managed to do without a coat, even little Benji was able to go coatless, though he wasn't too happy yesterday with a nip in the air and a bit of wind!

The Easter holidays are already full with cat visits, lots of furry friends I haven't seen in a while. Looking forward to seeing them again, especially the soft cats that love fuss!

Survived the Storm!

Posted by peacockspetcare on March 6, 2017 at 8:30 AM

Hope you all survived Storm Doris unscathed! I decided after the first walks that with the wind picking up, bins in road and twigs and branches flying about, that the afternoon group would need a safer option. So we came back to mine. Had a play in the garden till wind really picked up then safely inside for cuddles and more play. Bar some felt off the shed we escaped unscathed, sadly the Cricket club at the end of the road saw trees squash outbuildings!

We've since made visits to Nowton Park, Hardwick Heath and King's Forest and whilst there are signs of damage and fallen trees it is not as bad as it could have been!

After a short break visiting my Dad we returned for Lisa to come and stay. She has settled in well, with very little vision she copes brilliantly! She wasn't too happy with the noise of Storm Doris but otherwise barely noticed it!

She was joined this weekend by Maddie, they are both black and tan cockers which made for a quick check before using the incorrect name!

Guinea Pigs shed and piggies all survived the storm with no problems.

Friday mornings walk brought a sweet surprise, as we passed the sheep in the Park (who responded to my amazing Baaing) a little lamb popped up, I was in my element. Lisa on the other hand was very confused by the Baaing so we had to continue on our way!

She was very happy to see to see her owners return at the weekend. We have had a very quiet house since! Look forward to our next doggy!

Some farewells again!

Posted by peacockspetcare on February 20, 2017 at 9:55 AM

What a funny couple of weeks it has been. Snow on the ground last weekend and nippy air and then this weekend we are on double figures with the sun shining! Most of the dogs enjoyed the novelty of the snow though, we had Albie and Phoebe in who are about to ship out to the US, I've been walking them for 2 years now and this was the first proper snow (even though it barely settled) I have seen with them. It was nice to get to enjoy cuddles and time together before I had to say Goodbye.

I also had a last walk with Luna, her 'Grandad' is back and on walking duty so we enjoyed a last run and play at the forest but looking forward to seeing her again in the future!

We had Heidi and Bonnie in for a weekend with Archie, Heidi will be moving West herself soon, so we enjoyed every moment with her. She and Bonnie enjoyed a play together and Archie decided to give the girls space and play on his own!

We heard that poor Flo injured herself at home, she may be elderly and getting pretty infirm but still tried a bit of Puggy Parkour throwing herself off her sofa. Badly damaged leg means she is at home resting and feeling sorry for herself! She misses out on a week stay with us tomorrow but no doubt is loving bossing her Mummy about as she recuperates!

We had a short break away this weekend but am now getting ready for Lisa to arrive for a little holiday with us.

Quick update

Posted by peacockspetcare on February 3, 2017 at 4:30 PM

After enjoying a week of cuddles and play with Toto she has headed back up North with her owners, we'll miss her soo much!

Archie is enjoying being the only dog though he has perked up with Heidi's arrival tonight. He has been throwing his Gingerbread man toy at us and rolling round on the floor with it in his paws, it's quite funny when I go to his nephews and I'm greeted with the same toy in his mouth!

The boys have been enjoying playing games of chase together, need two balls though as they're not great at sharing!

Archie has enjoyed a few runs up at the forest with the others but they all leave the crazy play to Heston and Luna!

I've been back to visit a cat friend, Forrest, who was very forthcoming with head rubs and licks, bless him!

I can't believe we are already in February and the first month of 2017 is over! The year is already filling up for boarders and from the end of February with my USAF customers reposting there will be a couple of walking slots coming in.

Winter sun and fun

Posted by peacockspetcare on January 24, 2017 at 3:15 PM

We've had a busy time with Tess and Riley boarding and after a weekend with Heston staying we have now 2 more Springers arrived for a holiday. Toto is back and we also have Archie back in, they are both ball crazy which is quickly tiring on the old arms!

We have enjoyed lots of frosty January walks, well I'm not sure little Benji fully appreciates the frost but the rest have loved dashing about in and out of the frosty areas into those bits defrosted by the Winter sun!

Don't forget though if you are walking your dogs on roads that are gritted that their paws need a good clean after as it's bad for them to lick it off themselves!

Winter sun and fun

Posted by peacockspetcare on January 24, 2017 at 3:15 PM

We've had a busy time with Tess and Riley boarding and after a weekend with Heston staying we have now 2 more Springers arrived for a holiday. Toto is back and we also have Archie back in, they are both ball crazy which is quickly tiring on the old arms!

We have enjoyed lots of frosty January walks, well I'm not sure little Benji fully appreciates the frost but the rest have loved dashing about in and out of the frosty areas into those bits defrosted by the Winter sun!

Don't forget though if you are walking your dogs on roads that are gritted that their paws need a good clean after as it's bad for them to lick it off themselves!


Posted by peacockspetcare on January 9, 2017 at 4:00 PM

Please be advised that I have just disovered that the Testimonials app on this site is being discontinued. Until I am able to set up a new app on the website it may be that the testimonials vanish from the website.

Please see the list below for reference;

  • I recently boarded my 2 year old Jackadoodle, Marley with Sarah for 5 days, He stayed in the comfort of a warm and loving home with his own bed and toys, whilst being fussed and played with when required. He was walked regularly and Sarah followed his daily routine to the letter. I returned home to a very happy little dog and a lovely written daily diary of all the things Marley got up to on his stay away from home. I would definitely recommend Peacocks Pet care to anyone looking to home board their pet.

Jan Walton

satisfied customer


  • After receiving a business card and leaflet about peacocks pet services whilst out on a walk with my dog it seemed a perfect opportunity as we were struggling for dog walking. Sarah was very professional when we first met (which was very quick and convenient for us with wanting her to start the very next day!!) Sarah now walks out Springer spaniel Toto regularly and we have a very satisfied dog! We are kept well informed through a handover sheet with information from Toto?s feeds, poops, length and place of visit for walks to her behaviour. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone looking for a loving person to care for their pet.

Charlotte Pope

Dog owner


  • How do you wear out an 11 month old Cocker Spaniel puppy with a bottomless pit of energy? Send him to Sarah's for a five star holiday a lifetime! Diesel returned to me several pounds lighter (a result of exercise, not lack of food I hasten to add), happy and utterly exhausted! First night back and he could barely lift his head from the sofa, and 3 days later he has just about caught up on his sleep! How can I live up to the total and utter spoiling service provided by Sarah and her children? I can't. So be prepared to feel inadequate as an owner if you send your dog to Peacock's Pet Care, and rest assured that he or she will just not have a moment to miss you. Absolutely first class.

Carol Smith

Very Happy Customer










  • My pug Florence is my life. She suffers from a number of health problems & is quite a character. I had trouble finding anyone to look after her whilst I went away on holiday for 2 wks. Then I came across Peacocks! Sarah immediately said Flos medication & liquidising her food was no problem. I've never left Flo before in anyone's care other than my family, so I was nervous. What a waste of emotion! Florence had the most fantastic time & had so much fun going out & about with Sarah, Charlotte & Thomas. She even went to a dog show & rode around in her dog buggy like the Queen! Sarah, Charlotte & Thomas gave her so much love, cuddles & attention that Flo was in her element. Whilst I was away Flo sent me emails telling me all about what she'd been up to & I felt at ease straight away. Knowing she was having such a fabulous time meant I could relax & get on & enjoy my holiday safe in the knowledge my Florence was being loved as much as I love her. Thank you so much, you are all wonderful.

Heather Scott

A Very Happy Puggy


  • I have complete peace of mind knowing Sarah is walking Pip and benji whilst I am at work. She always leaves information about their toileting where she has been and which pals they have played with . They dogs are always well exercise and rested on my return home. They adore her and have even been to stay with her a few times.. Very happy dogs and a happy owner!


Very satisfied mum


  • We absolutely LOVE Peacock's! We are very lucky to be able to trust our dogs with such a lovely family. Sarah, comes daily to visit/ walk our dogs and we often utilize her for in home care when we travel. Our dogs get excited whenever we mention her name, Charlotte's, or Thomas.' We have been clients of Peacock's for close to two years and are always excited to read the daily dog diary or the adorable stories the dogs write when we are on holiday. Recently, Sarah noticed a change in one of our dogs behavior and symptoms and thought it was hypothyroidism. We took our dog to the vet and after testing she was correct. We are so very thankful for Sarah's observation and insight. WE LOVEE PEACOCKS!

Athens & Chris

Peacock's Petcare Fans!


  • Well we have now had Sarah as Totos dog walker for months but she has just had her first stay! To say that Toto enjoyed herself would be an understatement! We left Toto with Sarah for 16nights whilst we jetted off to Thailand, however I think Toto had the better holiday! The love that Sarah and her children give Toto id second to none! We felt secure and comfortable knowing Toto was having 3 walks a day, plenty of cuddles and a warm house full of love. We would recommend Sarah to anyone, not just as a dog walker but for boarding too. Much better than Kennels and we were left with a entertaining diary informing us of all the fun she was having! We are very happy to be reunited with our springer, however I think Toto would rather be at Sarah's, need I say more....

Charlotte Pope

Totos mum


  • Our old dog Lennox (aged 13) has stayed twice with Sarah, and settled really well with her and her family. He comes back with a smile on his face and we have a diary of his stay which is very entertaining and reassuring to read. We would recommend Sarah for your pet care as she is very professional and caring.


satisfied mum


  • I'd left it to late to book a cattery for our 3 cats and was in a panic wondering what to do I visited the vets to ask for their help they pointed me in the direction of peacocks pet care. What a god send this company is. 1, For being able to care for the cats at short notice 2, For the excellent care they gave them (over Christmas & new year) buying them presents and giving lots of fuss 3. a well written diary of what happened whilst they visited. Peacocks pet care would be highly recommended from me I am glad I met Sarah and for the vets to point me in her direction. Paul King Very Satisfied customer.

Paul King


Happy New year!

Posted by peacockspetcare on January 2, 2017 at 12:30 PM

Happy New year! Wishing you and your furry friends a great 2017!

We had a quiet run up to Christmas, Pip and Benji went home on Christmas Eve and Heston came in for a couple of days leaving shortly before we set off on holiday the night of Boxing Day.

After a short break away we've already had Lisa back in for a night and await Billy's return tomorrow.

I've been visiting cats and made friends with a very cute and cuddly little cat that I've just met!

Wet start to 2017 yesterday but at least today bought drier, if colder, weather for walks!

Merry Christmas!

Posted by peacockspetcare on December 24, 2016 at 5:35 AM

Merry Christmas. It is Christmas Eve and I am on the sofa with Pip and Benji waiting to return home for Christmas and Heston in for his short Christmas break with us.

Over the past month we've had Jetta in for a couple of nights along with Tess before she went home. Dotty and Lily then came in for a long stay, it was great to see Dotty returning back to her normal form after her fight with canine meningitis. She's back to playing and enjoying long runs over at the fields and forests.

Bonnie came in for an over night and then we've had Pip and Benji in for their pre-Christmas stay and we've also enjoyed some time with Toto too!

We've had lots of forest walks and trips to Hardwick Heath in some pretty nice weather considering it's winter with only a couple of frosty trips out.

We hope you and your furry friends have a great Christmas and New Year!

Hectic November

Posted by peacockspetcare on November 23, 2016 at 5:15 AM

November is whizzing by bringing with it the typical frosty mornings, fog, rain and occasionally a peek at the sun. (Can't say we really spotted any difference with the so-called Super Moon!)

We had a new friend join in with the afternoon group, Luna is a young Sprocker (Springer cross Cocker) and very friendly, loves playing with the boys. She seems to idolise Heston and can be regularly found hanging from his ears, which he takes in his stride, good with youngsters and little ones is our Heston!

Our young Springer friend had his Uncle Archie come and stay with us at the start of the month, he is a great lad though likes to get anybody and everybody to throw a tennis ball for him, had us in hysterics as he followed one unsuspecting couple chucking his ball at their feet!

Marley & Mitch came in for a bit whilst Dad had a break, we also had Flo in bossing everyone about. As usual all dogs were thoroughly bemused by the nappy and clothing wearing creature!

As you can probably work it has been a busy month as we also had Billy in for a few nights, Heston had a quick sleepover, Max and Amber too and now we have two young black labs in, Tess and Jetta! Busy, busy, not sure why November became such a busy month?

I also found that as usual lots of cat owners went away at once so was busy visiting Meg, Candy and Maddie, Rowlie and Rusty and new friends Jet and Fubu - all in the same week!

I've been enjoying lots of wet and muddy walks around the area, the towels in the car are getting well used!

With the run up to Christmas now in full swing the pace shows no sign of slowing and we'll be ready to zonk once we hit Christmas itself!

Hope you and your furry friends are enjoying the darker nights and keeping safe with Fluoro jackets, flashing collars and lights and whatever other resources you find useful to stay seen!

October and Autumn is truly here!

Posted by peacockspetcare on October 31, 2016 at 5:45 AM

Gosh it's been over a month since my last proper update!

October was a quieter month after the busy Summer months from June to September.

Buddy and Herbie came in for a week bringing Odie with them (Buddy's Dad, Herbie's son). Having previously been on walks with me and not too interested in me I was touched to find Odie wanting to snuggle up on the sofa with me shortly after he arrived, he does love me afterall!

We then had a new girl come in to check us out for the night, Lisa is a lovely sweet Cocker who settled in quickly.

Our JRT friend, Wyatt,  then came in for just over a week, it's been a while since he's been to stay but he slotted straight back in again and made friends with Heidi who was also in and kept a distance from Flo who'd come to stay during a family emergency. He wasn't too sure what he thought of the clothes wearing, bossy barking Pug!

We've just had Maddy and Bonnie in for the weekend which was lovely as coincided with my birthday so doggy snuggles!

Our Springer puppy friend is now a big boy and all ready to make his move to big boy walks with the others, today I start walks with another youngster too.

We've been enjoying walks up at the various sections of the forest, Hardwick Heath, Nowton Park and the local fields again. The number of wet walks is rapidly increasing again as we are well and truly into Autumn. Most of the dogs don't mind the wet and I love the changing colours on the trees and armed with a good pair of boots and raincoat a bit of rain doesn't dampen the spirits!

November is another busy month, lots of boarders over the next few weeks and a few cat visits to do again!

Hope you are all safe and well. Don't forget it's going to be a noisy week as people start firework season so keep your animals safely tucked inside with lots of reassurance!!

4 today!!

Posted by peacockspetcare on October 15, 2016 at 2:25 PM

4 years today I set off on my first official walk as Peacock's Petcare!

4 years on from Toto and I's first walk and I have made so many furry friends!

Love my job!

Back to routines

Posted by peacockspetcare on September 29, 2016 at 5:00 AM

It's been a busy couple of weeks getting back in to the swing of the usual dog walking routine and lots of cat visits.

British weather has been typically varied, been quite a nice week, not too hot but today it is pouring. A couple of weeks ago we were pushing 30 in the middle of the week then on the Friday it poured heavily. Depending on the dog some welcomed the downpour whilst others sulked about wet paws! We shall see how Buddy and Herbie feel if it is still raining later!

After a long few months with lots of dogs in and out we have a had this week dogless so given me a chance to have a thorough sort out in the house without canine help! Been visiting Meg, an old cat friend, and doing the usual walks so keeping nice and busy.

Haggis had a couple of weeks stay with us. He loved having friends to play with, especially on the hot days when they could all play off lead in the garden.

Dotty and Lily have popped in a couple of times too. Poor Dotty is still on the mend from meningitis so Lily loved any opportunity to play with more energetic dogs!

We had a trip to Great Yarmouth with Heston on Sunday. Took a while to get to a beach where he could have a run around, a local tells me there is talk at the council of making all of the beaches dog free all year round. That would be a real shame as it's the owners who don't pick up after their dogs who end up ruining it for all the dogs in the area! Charlotte even spotted a seal in the sea near us, thought she was crazy at first but then spotted it! Strange for it to be so near the shore on it's own but it soon swam off so hopefully it was just inquisitive!

Right time to upload the last few weeks photos before I get ready for some wet walks today!

Apologies: Contact Me app failure

Posted by peacockspetcare on September 16, 2016 at 11:20 AM

It has come to my attention that the 'Contact Me' button on the website has not been working.

A couple of customers have emailed me direct querying why I hadn't replied earlier. It appears that despite the app supplier advising they are closing in March 2017 that the service has ended early.

All queries can be made direct to me at

Please be aware that mobile phone reception is very poor in the village so many calls are missed or so fuzzy neither end can hear the other as a result so either direct email or texts are best.

Return to normality!

Posted by peacockspetcare on September 12, 2016 at 5:40 AM

Back to school and back to normality!

Jessie has returned home and we had Max in until Saturday. Haggis has now joined us for a couple of weeks. He would have loved the chance to spend more time with Max as the two go crazy together and run although after 5 minutes they are so worn out they need to sleep for a bit!

Max enjoyed the walk at Sandringham for the Memory Walk and even appeared in Lynn News on the walk!

With the school holidays over I am back in to the swing of the normal walks during the week but a lot of my cat owners are enjoying holidays now the children are back at school so still busy running around visiting them. Also had visits with a pair of Bunnies who live in a Bunny palace that my Guinea Pigs would be jealous of!

Heading in to a very hot week again so we'll be having short walks and lots of time in the shade again! Just a shame the weather wasn't so nice for a very wet Girl's Night out walk on Saturday night for the local hospice!

On a bizarre note in September I should warn you all that next Summer (yep Summer 2017) is already starting to book up quickly. 4 in already and I've had to block out just over a week so that the children and I get some time off next Summer!

Have currently got the lovely Dotty and Lily in for the day. Poor Dotty is still fighting Meningitis but she is a lot more bouncy on this visit than her last and enjoyed a short walk. I had never even realised that dogs get it but she looks to be on the mend and returning to her old self! Meds make her so hungry that she happily eats her pills with no fuss!

Summer holidays nearing the end

Posted by peacockspetcare on August 28, 2016 at 1:05 PM

Another hot few weeks! That said it's pouring outside.

We've had lots of early and late walks with my day walkers enjoying playing in the shade or trips to the pond.

Jessie has arrived for her holiday and Bonnie returned to her family the next day! We also had Lara come and stay with us for a week. She's a black lab and she and Lily got on like a house on fire! She was an absolute sweety and got on with everyone, human and dog, that she met.

Both her and Lily went home today but hopefully it won't be long till we see them again.

I am now sat on the sofa with Heston and Jessie fast asleep.

I've been having walks with Pete and Pistol again, Pistol took a shine to Lily! They played like crazy at the forest whilst Heston impressed us all with his digging skills (not a clue what he thought he was searching for!)

I'm busy with cat visits again, Morris and Maisy again and a return of Ella, she still loves rubbing herself against shoes and bags it would appear!

I've also been getting a mystery guest in the garden, someone who can squeeze through tiny gaps and also likes digging up my vegetable plot. Suspect list includes Fox, Badger and Munjac!

Nearly the end of the school summer holidays. The dogs will miss seeing the children again!

Summer holidays in full swing

Posted by peacockspetcare on August 18, 2016 at 4:50 PM

After a short break at the start of August in Hunstanton we've been back in the swing of things.

Bonnie arrived to stay as soon as we got back and we've been busy with our walks and visits straight away.

It's been a fun couple of weeks. Taken Bonnie on various outings, trips to Knettishall Heath, Santon Downham and Hunstanton on top of the usual forest walks and local ones.

She's been joined by Flo the Pug for a few nights and Lily the Lab since last Friday.

We've enjoyed walks with the boys up at the forest, she met our Puppy friend who loved playing with her and the following day with Heston. Heston was bemused by his mini me!

I've made new cat friends, the very gorgeous Mercury and Hendrix, real pair of cuties. Also had a chance to catch up with Candy, Maddy and Sylvie and pop in on Adam, Maisy and Cookie.

Been thinking a lot about my American friends who are all back in the States, I wonder if they ever wonder where I went and think about me too?