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Posted by peacockspetcare on July 12, 2018 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (0)

It has been a very busy and very very hot month!

I hope all of you and your furry friends have managed to keep cool these last few weeks.

We have been relieved to finally have cooler weather the last few days as it seemed like weeks of house visits and garden play back here! The dogs love a get together and a play in the garden but I think like me they were ready to really stretch their legs and run around and explore again.

The forest, like my garden, is very yellow, a reminder of how flammable it is out there. I hope all the wildlife has found relief and some water!

We have had Oscar back for holiday as well as Heston, Trippy, Poppy and we met the lovely Jetta's sisters Molly and Honey (she would have had fun playing with them!) A London dog called Arlo came down for a night, he was very cute and he and Trippy hit it off.

The school holidays start soon (and the weather will probably turn wet then) so the chaos and dogs in and out really starts then!

Weather looks to be heating up so remember lots of water, paddling pools and shade is better for the dogs than a walk in the baking sun!

Busy few months starting 2018

Posted by peacockspetcare on April 28, 2018 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Been a while since I updated, a whole school term. an entire Easter has been and gone and my twins are rapidly approaching their GCSE exams.

We have had a number of furry friends in and out of the past couple of months, Lisa has had a few stays with us again as well as Mischa, Izzie and Millie, Tommy, Monty, Holly-Belle and Hamish and Stanley have all been back to stay with us again and we've loved seeing them all again for cuddles and play. Two new dogs arrived for a stay, Kia and Harvey, they settled straight in and love lots of fuss and attention and playing in the garden.

The walks have as usual been varied, trips to the forest at the moment are eventful as I am never quite sure which corner I will turn to find the path closed for tree felling. We seem to be narrowed down to just a couple of loops at the moment.

In the heat last week we spent some time in the shade and had a trip to the pond for a few of the dogs to have a dip.

Poor Albie had a mishap, possibly catching a ball, which caused one of his fangs to break. Sadly it meant he had to lose the tooth as it could have lead to infection, he will now have an extra special smile!

I've been keeping very busy with all of my visits, walks and boarders and after the sun from last week this week has seen a bit more rain dodging going on, especially as the little ones get a bit sulky with wet paws!

We have an old friend in at the moment, Bailey the Cocker, and a new girl in for the night, Jessie a Cockapoo, who has settled straight in.

I hope you and your furry pals are all well!

2018 already

Posted by peacockspetcare on January 22, 2018 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Oops, it looks like I've been updating my Facebook page and forgetting the pages for blogging and photos on here.

It has been a funny start to 2018 weather wise, just last week alone I got thoroughly drenched one day, out in the sun another day, heavy winds another and snow a fourth and too warm for a zipped up coat today! Even the hardier dogs weren't too sure about the torrential rain, good job I didn't have the little ones that day! The Boxers who are staying with us enjoyed charging about in the snow yesterday, not that it lasted long!

After a busy Christmas and New Year it has been nice to settle back down to normal routines with the dogs. We have had our usual trips to the local areas, the forest, Hardwick Heath and Nowton Park. Though after the winds overnight and into Thursday morning we avoided all the wooded areas so that no loose branches or uprooted trees headed toward us!

After a week boarding with us Mischa came back for another night whilst her owners had a day out. She was quickly followed by new boy, Oscar, he is a big cuddly chocolate Lab and he quickly settled in. Ronnie and Reggie are now in for their long stay and have made themselves right at home, currently both squashed up against me on the sofa, all that space but they must squeeze right in to me! 

I visited a few cat friends and a guinea pig last week. Like my own the guinea pig was straight to the bars of his cage wheeking for his greens.

Sadly we lost one of our own guinea pigs on Wednesday, after some weight loss the vets found an abnormal internal lump, as he was elderly it was decided he wouldn't survive an op so we let him go peacefully. 

Winter is coming...

Posted by peacockspetcare on November 7, 2017 at 4:00 AM Comments comments (0)

It has been a busy few weeks again. Heston came and spent a couple of weeks with us, he thinks that our house is his second home and makes himself very comfy. He is so good with all the other dogs that come and stay too, though he is very vocal when he gets really excited playing which can sound quite intimidating if you've just met him.

Over the course of the school half term holiday we were rejoined by Penelope, Holly-Belle and Billy. We had trips to the coast, Penelope and Billy are still not fans of the sea or getting their paws wet!

Lots of forest trips and visits to the various local parks. For a change I took Buddy and Herbie over to Hardwick Heath as usually stick to the forest which is closer to them and Herbie loved it, he was prancing all over the fields at the Heath where normally he doesn't stray too far from my side but he thoroughly loved exploring and meeting new dogs.

I have had lots of cat visits again, Heston's cats Snoops and Minx are getting elderly and now both love me and fuss and attention. Penelope's cat Rae was a bit more elusive, loves attention but clearly hanging out round the neighbourhood is more fun!

I saw Adam,and under the bed Cookie, for a couple of visits. I also went to visit Mavis for a few visits, it was strange just seeing her as sadly her brother suddenly got very sick and passed away unexpectedly. Considering that she is the one with renal problems it was even more of a surprise to see him go first.

After a few T-shirt walks at the end of October yesterday's frost confirmed that we are definitely heading from Autumn through to Winter. I'll have a few sulky dogs who don't like being cold or wet to contend with over the next few months!

Spooky yellow sky this afternoon

Posted by peacockspetcare on October 16, 2017 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (0)

As I write this the skies have gone a funny, slightly creepy, yellow colour and one of my boarders is not keen! Side effect of Storm Ophelia I presume, though hopefully here in Suffolk we miss the worst of it!

It has been far too long since I caught up on Facebook, busy busy with all my furry friends, and in GCSE year my twins too.

Since I last wrote we have had old friends in to stay; Pash and Trippy both boarded. We also made new friends; Tommy, a Welsh Collie, came in for a long weekend and I am now with S and H, 2 little terrier dogs

I have also added an old friend to the walking rota, I am now seeing Marley the Retriever once a week.

My usual gang have all been enjoying their regular walks with our forest trips as well as Hardwick Heath and Ickworth Park as well as my local countryside.Every boarder has a trip to Nowton Park to say Hello to the Big Panda there, always a varied reaction, some growl, some edge closer and some don't even notice it.

I also had a couple of weeks walking a lovely old girl. Maisie is a 14 year old Springer, hearing and sight going but she still loved to chase her ball, no thrower required for the distance she likes to run.

After struggling with a car that did not want to play ball we have finally replaced it. Trippy joined us for a run to the seaside and it got a thumbs up from him for nice and spacey!

I popped in on my bunny pals at the weekend, Ben and Bonnie. She has a bit of a booboo on her side that Ben has been looking after, he does love her. My guinea pigs are less sympathetic to their poorly friends,

I keep stopping to try and get a photo of S staring out of the window at the sky but he keeps jumping at just the wrong moment.


Keep safe out there in whatever weather you are experiencing.

Return of some old friends

Posted by peacockspetcare on September 25, 2017 at 5:35 AM Comments comments (0)

After 3 weeks with us Tess has gone back home, it's always really weird after a long time with a dog to suddenly not have them there! She was a star and we could really see the difference since she first started staying as a puppy and now she is nearly 2!

Emma, the Retriever, also returned for a holiday. It has been a while since we last saw her and she was little unsure at first but soon settled in. The pair of them were funny as some of the walks with them would consist of just standing there, refusing to walk and just eating grass!

She went home on Saturday though being a Retriever I suspect I shall be finding her fur for weeks to come no matter how much I vacuum!!

Bella and George, the kittens, continued to entertain. I began to wonder what escapades I would walk in to each time. They could open treat pouches, a tub with catnip in, decorate using wipes and kitchen towel. They also enjoyed pouncing on one another! I did manage to get a few back massages off George, considering how shy he was on my last visits and always stay hidden it was safe to say he was much more confident!

Dotty and Lily also popped over for a stay, it was great to see them especially as Dotty has well and truly recovered from her encounter with meningitis.

I've been enjoying my usual walks with visits to the forest, Hardwick Heath and the local fields and parks.The dogs love to have a run about with each other and make new friends!

We have a couple of dogless days now, which always feels strange before the next boarder arrives. Luckily plenty of walks to keep my dog quota of cuddles high!

Back to school

Posted by peacockspetcare on September 11, 2017 at 10:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Back to school and whilst the walks are all starting to return to normal it is still manic with pet visits and boarding.

With 2 of the visits neighbours it makes life a little easier for me. I have been getting to know George and Bella much better, after hiding away for most of my visits last time George has really come out of his shell and enjoys a play and strokes.He is a cheeky fellow and whilst visiting Ben and Bonnie, the rabbits, next door he poked his head around the shed door!

I have also been visiting Adam and Cookie, Adam is always happy to see me but Cookie still insists on hiding under the bed!

I got to see Mavis and Mikey again, it is always good to catch up with old friends. Though Mikey is so used to me 'trapping' in a room to eat his food (Mavis had a special diet) that he seemed convinced that I would do the same on these visits and would stand outside on the evening visits and talk to me through the cat flap! I also got to spend time with Ella the cat too. She loves my bags and spends most of her time rubbing against them!

My boarders have been my Peacock's Petcare baby Toto (my first ever customer, a puppy then, but 6 soon) and her friend, Jetta. Jetta is now fully grown and she is a tall, athletic looking Labrador now! It was great to see them both again as with Toto now living in Nottingham we just don't see her enough and she is very much loved here! She was over the moon to see her beloved Thomas and there was lots of hugs and kisses over the fortnight!

Tess, the Lab, is also in, she is now halfway through her 3 week holiday. She loved having Jetta to play with and they would often be found playing chase in the garden!

They enjoyed joining up with everybody on walks. Toto and Heston are best buddies, he's the only dog she lets take a ball from her mouth! They also caught up with Pip, Benji, Buddy and Herbie that they knew from previous visits and walks.

They also met Bertie and Oreo and Trippy for the first time.

It was sad to wave them off on Sunday but I do love watching the dogs excitement when they see their family again!

School summer holidays = Colder and wetter

Posted by peacockspetcare on July 31, 2017 at 4:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Of course after all that heat at the start of July it has to turn wet and cold once school children get their summer holidays. Not so good for them but great for the dogs, no fun wearing a fur coat in the heat!

Since I last wrote I have had Lisa and Heston in for their holidays, Heston is very understanding of her limited eyesight though did look a little bemused whenever she walked into him! 

Roxy also returned for another stay, she is still crazy and loving the shadows! She reminds me so much of Albie who moved to Florida earlier this year!

Pip and Benji returned for a holiday whilst their owners went to Greece, just avoiding the big earthquake there. They met Holly-Belle and Pippa and a big love affair began between Pippa and Benji. To be fair he is a flirt with all dogs but she really got his attention. Once she went he sulked for a good 24 hours! Young love!!

I've just had a week with Billy and Marley Mouse in, they shared for a few days with Penelope. 3 little dogs, who never wanted to get up in the morning and hated rain. Daft group. Penelope and Marley took a bit of a shine to each other! Billy had been poorly with a hot spot (a sore itchy area of skin that they can't resist scratching/rubbing) but I'm pleased to report he was back in fine Billy form when he came  to stay!

As I write I now have the gorgeous Lara snoring next to me. Despite being nearly 9 she has way more energy than the little, younger boys did. She was a bit bemused by them ignoring her attempts to play with them!

Dog walks continue as before, they all love meeting up and exploring the local forests and parks. Unfortunately some of them can't resist the smelly stuff. Rolling in it just means a stinky journey home and a wash but eating it can have unpredictable side effects. Heston who never eats berries suddenly threw up a lot of red vomit interspersed with red lumps. A trip to the vets confirmed it was berries not blood but of course without knowing what berries there was no way of knowing if he was in danger. A call to his owners and he was having an injection to vomit up anything left. Luckily he had no other side effects and was back to normal. I've noticed he hasn't touched poop since so I suspect the berries were in some horse poo he gobbled up.

I'm enjoying cat visits as the owners head off on their summer breaks. It's nice watching them slowly relax and trust me!

Hope you are all enjoying your own Summer!

Temperature creeping up again

Posted by peacockspetcare on July 7, 2017 at 12:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Back to the heat again! Hope you and your furries aren't getting too hot out there!

Since I last wrote we have had Florence in again. She decided to be very naughty and refuse all her pills during her stay, as she has lots of ailments this was not good, she worried her Mummy and vets, let alone me, but of course once home again she was happy to play ball, cheeky thing!!

Pip & Benji also had a break with us whilst their humans did the moving house work and they are now enjoying their new home and garden, though Pip is still confused when I try and drop her off there!

Trippy, who I normally walk, had his first holiday with us and was very well behaved and seemed to enjoy getting to stay at Sarah's rather than the flying visits he has had during the hot weather. He is now keeping Mummy busy for the rest of her days off!

I also met a lovely new girl, Roxy, who came in for the night whilst her humans watched their little girl get married. Roxy was lovely and really reminded me of my old pal Albie who moved to the US.

I now have a couple I regularly meet up at the forest when I walk up there, Milly and Harvey. They are lovely spaniels with lots of character though right now they are conked out next to each other!

I've been enjoying walks with some new friends whilst their owners were away, I did the early morning walks whilst their respective house-sitters were busy.

Both Monty and Archie were gorgeous and very friendly. I have really enjoyed our walks and hope to see them again in the future.

When the weather was cooler again I enjoyed some good walks around the forest, Ickworth Park and Hardwick Heath though the day walks for most of these week have been dog parties in the garden to keep the dogs from getting heat strokes. They do all love a get together and play, as witnessed by Billy sulking last week when he was walked alone!

The busy season really starts soon with the school holidays looming and lots of dogs in and out of the house on their own holidays!

Oops been a while

Posted by peacockspetcare on June 26, 2017 at 12:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Whoops, it’s been over 5 weeks since my last post!

I shall try not to turn this into a massive essay.


Boarders – We had Max the Boxer back in for a stay, after him we had a new boy called Bailey, he’s a lovely Cocker who seemed to thoroughly enjoy his stay with us and we look forward to seeing him again. Holly-Belle also came in for a night and bought with her a new sister, Pippa is a 4 month old Shih-Tzu/Chihuahua (ShiChi apparently) and full of beans. She tried joining in with play but was little wary of the new bigger dogs she met, though she was still willing to tell Heston off if he looked at her sister wrong!

Walks – As you can imagine it’s not been a normal month for walks.

We’ve had many days where it was just too hot so the dogs returned to my house where they could choose between playing in the garden or flopping in front of the fan. Many chose a brief play followed by power nap. Lots of refilling of the water bowls needed over those days!

Ironically we had really heavy rain in one day before the heatwave hit and that didn’t do my cars any favours with the floods around the forest.

New friends – As well as Bailey coming to stay I’ve also had the pleasure of getting to know Bertie and Oreo on our walks. They are a great pair, full of cuddles and would love the opportunity to tackle some squirrels too!

I have also started morning walks with a gorgeous pup called Monty whilst his Mummy and Daddy are away.

Old friends – Max the Pointer has joined me on a few walks lately and I think he’s enjoyed walking with me as much as I’ve enjoyed seeing him again!

We also caught up with Cooper and Lily who now a have new human baby living with them, very exciting, congratulations to the Smith family. I also had the pleasure of walking the lovely Bella whilst her humans got married, congratulations to the Green family!


I hope you all survived the heat and haven’t all melted away!