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Temperature creeping up again

Posted by peacockspetcare on July 7, 2017 at 12:40 PM

Back to the heat again! Hope you and your furries aren't getting too hot out there!

Since I last wrote we have had Florence in again. She decided to be very naughty and refuse all her pills during her stay, as she has lots of ailments this was not good, she worried her Mummy and vets, let alone me, but of course once home again she was happy to play ball, cheeky thing!!

Pip & Benji also had a break with us whilst their humans did the moving house work and they are now enjoying their new home and garden, though Pip is still confused when I try and drop her off there!

Trippy, who I normally walk, had his first holiday with us and was very well behaved and seemed to enjoy getting to stay at Sarah's rather than the flying visits he has had during the hot weather. He is now keeping Mummy busy for the rest of her days off!

I also met a lovely new girl, Roxy, who came in for the night whilst her humans watched their little girl get married. Roxy was lovely and really reminded me of my old pal Albie who moved to the US.

I now have a couple I regularly meet up at the forest when I walk up there, Milly and Harvey. They are lovely spaniels with lots of character though right now they are conked out next to each other!

I've been enjoying walks with some new friends whilst their owners were away, I did the early morning walks whilst their respective house-sitters were busy.

Both Monty and Archie were gorgeous and very friendly. I have really enjoyed our walks and hope to see them again in the future.

When the weather was cooler again I enjoyed some good walks around the forest, Ickworth Park and Hardwick Heath though the day walks for most of these week have been dog parties in the garden to keep the dogs from getting heat strokes. They do all love a get together and play, as witnessed by Billy sulking last week when he was walked alone!

The busy season really starts soon with the school holidays looming and lots of dogs in and out of the house on their own holidays!

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