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School summer holidays = Colder and wetter

Posted by peacockspetcare on July 31, 2017 at 4:55 AM

Of course after all that heat at the start of July it has to turn wet and cold once school children get their summer holidays. Not so good for them but great for the dogs, no fun wearing a fur coat in the heat!

Since I last wrote I have had Lisa and Heston in for their holidays, Heston is very understanding of her limited eyesight though did look a little bemused whenever she walked into him! 

Roxy also returned for another stay, she is still crazy and loving the shadows! She reminds me so much of Albie who moved to Florida earlier this year!

Pip and Benji returned for a holiday whilst their owners went to Greece, just avoiding the big earthquake there. They met Holly-Belle and Pippa and a big love affair began between Pippa and Benji. To be fair he is a flirt with all dogs but she really got his attention. Once she went he sulked for a good 24 hours! Young love!!

I've just had a week with Billy and Marley Mouse in, they shared for a few days with Penelope. 3 little dogs, who never wanted to get up in the morning and hated rain. Daft group. Penelope and Marley took a bit of a shine to each other! Billy had been poorly with a hot spot (a sore itchy area of skin that they can't resist scratching/rubbing) but I'm pleased to report he was back in fine Billy form when he came  to stay!

As I write I now have the gorgeous Lara snoring next to me. Despite being nearly 9 she has way more energy than the little, younger boys did. She was a bit bemused by them ignoring her attempts to play with them!

Dog walks continue as before, they all love meeting up and exploring the local forests and parks. Unfortunately some of them can't resist the smelly stuff. Rolling in it just means a stinky journey home and a wash but eating it can have unpredictable side effects. Heston who never eats berries suddenly threw up a lot of red vomit interspersed with red lumps. A trip to the vets confirmed it was berries not blood but of course without knowing what berries there was no way of knowing if he was in danger. A call to his owners and he was having an injection to vomit up anything left. Luckily he had no other side effects and was back to normal. I've noticed he hasn't touched poop since so I suspect the berries were in some horse poo he gobbled up.

I'm enjoying cat visits as the owners head off on their summer breaks. It's nice watching them slowly relax and trust me!

Hope you are all enjoying your own Summer!

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