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Back to school

Posted by peacockspetcare on September 11, 2017 at 10:50 AM

Back to school and whilst the walks are all starting to return to normal it is still manic with pet visits and boarding.

With 2 of the visits neighbours it makes life a little easier for me. I have been getting to know George and Bella much better, after hiding away for most of my visits last time George has really come out of his shell and enjoys a play and strokes.He is a cheeky fellow and whilst visiting Ben and Bonnie, the rabbits, next door he poked his head around the shed door!

I have also been visiting Adam and Cookie, Adam is always happy to see me but Cookie still insists on hiding under the bed!

I got to see Mavis and Mikey again, it is always good to catch up with old friends. Though Mikey is so used to me 'trapping' in a room to eat his food (Mavis had a special diet) that he seemed convinced that I would do the same on these visits and would stand outside on the evening visits and talk to me through the cat flap! I also got to spend time with Ella the cat too. She loves my bags and spends most of her time rubbing against them!

My boarders have been my Peacock's Petcare baby Toto (my first ever customer, a puppy then, but 6 soon) and her friend, Jetta. Jetta is now fully grown and she is a tall, athletic looking Labrador now! It was great to see them both again as with Toto now living in Nottingham we just don't see her enough and she is very much loved here! She was over the moon to see her beloved Thomas and there was lots of hugs and kisses over the fortnight!

Tess, the Lab, is also in, she is now halfway through her 3 week holiday. She loved having Jetta to play with and they would often be found playing chase in the garden!

They enjoyed joining up with everybody on walks. Toto and Heston are best buddies, he's the only dog she lets take a ball from her mouth! They also caught up with Pip, Benji, Buddy and Herbie that they knew from previous visits and walks.

They also met Bertie and Oreo and Trippy for the first time.

It was sad to wave them off on Sunday but I do love watching the dogs excitement when they see their family again!

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