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Return of some old friends

Posted by peacockspetcare on September 25, 2017 at 5:35 AM

After 3 weeks with us Tess has gone back home, it's always really weird after a long time with a dog to suddenly not have them there! She was a star and we could really see the difference since she first started staying as a puppy and now she is nearly 2!

Emma, the Retriever, also returned for a holiday. It has been a while since we last saw her and she was little unsure at first but soon settled in. The pair of them were funny as some of the walks with them would consist of just standing there, refusing to walk and just eating grass!

She went home on Saturday though being a Retriever I suspect I shall be finding her fur for weeks to come no matter how much I vacuum!!

Bella and George, the kittens, continued to entertain. I began to wonder what escapades I would walk in to each time. They could open treat pouches, a tub with catnip in, decorate using wipes and kitchen towel. They also enjoyed pouncing on one another! I did manage to get a few back massages off George, considering how shy he was on my last visits and always stay hidden it was safe to say he was much more confident!

Dotty and Lily also popped over for a stay, it was great to see them especially as Dotty has well and truly recovered from her encounter with meningitis.

I've been enjoying my usual walks with visits to the forest, Hardwick Heath and the local fields and parks.The dogs love to have a run about with each other and make new friends!

We have a couple of dogless days now, which always feels strange before the next boarder arrives. Luckily plenty of walks to keep my dog quota of cuddles high!

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