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Spooky yellow sky this afternoon

Posted by peacockspetcare on October 16, 2017 at 11:40 AM

As I write this the skies have gone a funny, slightly creepy, yellow colour and one of my boarders is not keen! Side effect of Storm Ophelia I presume, though hopefully here in Suffolk we miss the worst of it!

It has been far too long since I caught up on Facebook, busy busy with all my furry friends, and in GCSE year my twins too.

Since I last wrote we have had old friends in to stay; Pash and Trippy both boarded. We also made new friends; Tommy, a Welsh Collie, came in for a long weekend and I am now with S and H, 2 little terrier dogs

I have also added an old friend to the walking rota, I am now seeing Marley the Retriever once a week.

My usual gang have all been enjoying their regular walks with our forest trips as well as Hardwick Heath and Ickworth Park as well as my local countryside.Every boarder has a trip to Nowton Park to say Hello to the Big Panda there, always a varied reaction, some growl, some edge closer and some don't even notice it.

I also had a couple of weeks walking a lovely old girl. Maisie is a 14 year old Springer, hearing and sight going but she still loved to chase her ball, no thrower required for the distance she likes to run.

After struggling with a car that did not want to play ball we have finally replaced it. Trippy joined us for a run to the seaside and it got a thumbs up from him for nice and spacey!

I popped in on my bunny pals at the weekend, Ben and Bonnie. She has a bit of a booboo on her side that Ben has been looking after, he does love her. My guinea pigs are less sympathetic to their poorly friends,

I keep stopping to try and get a photo of S staring out of the window at the sky but he keeps jumping at just the wrong moment.


Keep safe out there in whatever weather you are experiencing.

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