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Winter is coming...

Posted by peacockspetcare on November 7, 2017 at 4:00 AM

It has been a busy few weeks again. Heston came and spent a couple of weeks with us, he thinks that our house is his second home and makes himself very comfy. He is so good with all the other dogs that come and stay too, though he is very vocal when he gets really excited playing which can sound quite intimidating if you've just met him.

Over the course of the school half term holiday we were rejoined by Penelope, Holly-Belle and Billy. We had trips to the coast, Penelope and Billy are still not fans of the sea or getting their paws wet!

Lots of forest trips and visits to the various local parks. For a change I took Buddy and Herbie over to Hardwick Heath as usually stick to the forest which is closer to them and Herbie loved it, he was prancing all over the fields at the Heath where normally he doesn't stray too far from my side but he thoroughly loved exploring and meeting new dogs.

I have had lots of cat visits again, Heston's cats Snoops and Minx are getting elderly and now both love me and fuss and attention. Penelope's cat Rae was a bit more elusive, loves attention but clearly hanging out round the neighbourhood is more fun!

I saw Adam,and under the bed Cookie, for a couple of visits. I also went to visit Mavis for a few visits, it was strange just seeing her as sadly her brother suddenly got very sick and passed away unexpectedly. Considering that she is the one with renal problems it was even more of a surprise to see him go first.

After a few T-shirt walks at the end of October yesterday's frost confirmed that we are definitely heading from Autumn through to Winter. I'll have a few sulky dogs who don't like being cold or wet to contend with over the next few months!

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