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2018 already

Posted by peacockspetcare on January 22, 2018 at 9:55 AM

Oops, it looks like I've been updating my Facebook page and forgetting the pages for blogging and photos on here.

It has been a funny start to 2018 weather wise, just last week alone I got thoroughly drenched one day, out in the sun another day, heavy winds another and snow a fourth and too warm for a zipped up coat today! Even the hardier dogs weren't too sure about the torrential rain, good job I didn't have the little ones that day! The Boxers who are staying with us enjoyed charging about in the snow yesterday, not that it lasted long!

After a busy Christmas and New Year it has been nice to settle back down to normal routines with the dogs. We have had our usual trips to the local areas, the forest, Hardwick Heath and Nowton Park. Though after the winds overnight and into Thursday morning we avoided all the wooded areas so that no loose branches or uprooted trees headed toward us!

After a week boarding with us Mischa came back for another night whilst her owners had a day out. She was quickly followed by new boy, Oscar, he is a big cuddly chocolate Lab and he quickly settled in. Ronnie and Reggie are now in for their long stay and have made themselves right at home, currently both squashed up against me on the sofa, all that space but they must squeeze right in to me! 

I visited a few cat friends and a guinea pig last week. Like my own the guinea pig was straight to the bars of his cage wheeking for his greens.

Sadly we lost one of our own guinea pigs on Wednesday, after some weight loss the vets found an abnormal internal lump, as he was elderly it was decided he wouldn't survive an op so we let him go peacefully. 

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