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Busy few months starting 2018

Posted by peacockspetcare on April 28, 2018 at 11:05 AM

Been a while since I updated, a whole school term. an entire Easter has been and gone and my twins are rapidly approaching their GCSE exams.

We have had a number of furry friends in and out of the past couple of months, Lisa has had a few stays with us again as well as Mischa, Izzie and Millie, Tommy, Monty, Holly-Belle and Hamish and Stanley have all been back to stay with us again and we've loved seeing them all again for cuddles and play. Two new dogs arrived for a stay, Kia and Harvey, they settled straight in and love lots of fuss and attention and playing in the garden.

The walks have as usual been varied, trips to the forest at the moment are eventful as I am never quite sure which corner I will turn to find the path closed for tree felling. We seem to be narrowed down to just a couple of loops at the moment.

In the heat last week we spent some time in the shade and had a trip to the pond for a few of the dogs to have a dip.

Poor Albie had a mishap, possibly catching a ball, which caused one of his fangs to break. Sadly it meant he had to lose the tooth as it could have lead to infection, he will now have an extra special smile!

I've been keeping very busy with all of my visits, walks and boarders and after the sun from last week this week has seen a bit more rain dodging going on, especially as the little ones get a bit sulky with wet paws!

We have an old friend in at the moment, Bailey the Cocker, and a new girl in for the night, Jessie a Cockapoo, who has settled straight in.

I hope you and your furry pals are all well!

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