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Posted by peacockspetcare on July 12, 2018 at 2:05 PM

It has been a very busy and very very hot month!

I hope all of you and your furry friends have managed to keep cool these last few weeks.

We have been relieved to finally have cooler weather the last few days as it seemed like weeks of house visits and garden play back here! The dogs love a get together and a play in the garden but I think like me they were ready to really stretch their legs and run around and explore again.

The forest, like my garden, is very yellow, a reminder of how flammable it is out there. I hope all the wildlife has found relief and some water!

We have had Oscar back for holiday as well as Heston, Trippy, Poppy and we met the lovely Jetta's sisters Molly and Honey (she would have had fun playing with them!) A London dog called Arlo came down for a night, he was very cute and he and Trippy hit it off.

The school holidays start soon (and the weather will probably turn wet then) so the chaos and dogs in and out really starts then!

Weather looks to be heating up so remember lots of water, paddling pools and shade is better for the dogs than a walk in the baking sun!

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