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Return from holiday and Heatwave continues

Posted by peacockspetcare on August 6, 2018 at 12:55 PM

Back from holiday and straight away visiting our furry friends. Whilst I do love a holiday and we had a brilliant time I have to admit I do miss my dogs!

Of course the weather has made this job a little trickier as it is all about ensuring they stay safe and cool. So we have managed walks when the heatwave broke (humans and dogs running around in the rain that first night!) but otherwise it has been a lot of garden play. Paddling pool has mixed reviews whilst it takes some of the dogs a while to realise the benefits of water pistols (catching it mid-air is fun though for most), have resorted to setting up various shaded areas to help them all out but after a bit of time indoors the cooler inside rooms become the favourite spot to hang out.

With school holidays we have been very busy with both boarding but also visiting our feline friends. Some happier to see me than others.

We have had to wave off Trippy as he moves away with Mum and Dad's new job, we already missing him!

Hope you and your furry friends are surviving this heat, remember that even if the sun isn't out to check the temperature, it is the heat than kill them not the sun. Even early or late it can still be too hot to safely walk, they are relying on us to keep them safe, as they would happily run and play till they collapse! Stay safe!!

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