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Happy New year 2019

Posted by peacockspetcare on January 15, 2019 at 12:30 PM

Two weeks in to 2019 already!

We hope you are all having a good one so far.

We waved off Holly-Belle then Pip and Benji after their owners returned from their exciting jaunts around the world.

We then had a new girl come and stay, Lucy the Lurcher was a little shy at first but soon settled in and we discovered she loves a good cuddle!

Then it was time for Riley to return. He is still as cheeky as ever and enjoyed his trips out with the other dogs, walks with just us is just plain boring!

The walks are now returning to normal after the Christmas and New Year working weeks and we have had trips to the forest, Hardwick Heath and Ickworth Park.

Sadly one of our own guinea pigs passed away on Sunday, at nearly 6 we were not too surprised but still sad and are now currently doing a gradual introduction to the remaining two. Crunchie is happy on his own but Bueno has always lived with Aero so we are hoping that the boys will become friends.

Hope you are all well and enjoying walks and time with your furry friends.

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