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From snow to sun in less than a month!

Posted by peacockspetcare on February 19, 2019 at 11:45 AM

What a funny few weeks, we have gone from the snow a few weeks ago to these mild temperatures we have had now,

The dogs and I have been enjoying the warmer weather now, though surprisingly the little ones who normally sulk in bad weather weren't too fazed by the snow.

My guinea pigs who moved in for the cold spell are now enjoying a spell in the outside run!

We have had a couple of old friend's return. Both Emma and Toto came back for a short break with us, we have also had a new friend in, Jess the elderly Lab.

I have been back visiting a number of cat friends over the last few weeks, with the usual mixed reactions from them.

Hoping this weather stays nice for all the furry's out there!

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