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Spring in Suffolk

Posted by peacockspetcare on May 11, 2019 at 11:10 AM

How erratic has our weather been? First sunny and only T-shirts needed and then there is the day we got hailed on, couple of not very happy dogs that day! Then of course we have had the rain and sun on the same day.

On Wednesday I had three very unhappy dogs in the pouring rain whilst the two Springers didn't have a care!

On Thursday we had an encounter with a Slow worm and then later in the walk we saw what we thought was a pile of manure only to discover as one of the dogs went up to it that it was in fact a swarm of ground dwelling 'miner' bees. Poor Benji ended up with a stung nose and leg but luckily apart from a little swelling he survived, luckily one of his humans was home from Uni to administer TLC for him.

After being rejoined by Marley and Jess for their holiday they have now gone and we currently have Kia and Harvey in. Harvey is up for walks regardless of the weather, he is like a polar bear and has a dark skin under his white coat so changes colour in the rain, but Kia is a proper sulker!

Looking forward to more of the changing weather conditions of the English Spring!

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