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The first month of 2020 done and dusted

Posted by peacockspetcare on February 19, 2020 at 9:35 AM

The year has started as busy as it finished, making lots of new friends as well as old ones returning for a holiday.

New boys Fred and Lenny arrived for their stay, they were great characters and as you can see from the photos poor Fred was a seat for Lenny at times! Hope to see them again soon!

Tess and then Riley arrived for a stay over the same weekend, both are big softies though they were very perplexed when Dotty joined us on the Sunday and dived straight into the flooded ditch! Springers don't seem to be able to resist that ditch when it's full!

Little Frida has been in and out on her stays, each time she is a bit bigger than her first trip, she'll be fully grown before we know it!

We then had Frodo the Cockapoo in for a stay, a very cute and cuddly chap but his stay was made complete when he met Tiffin the Cavapoo. They went crazy for each other! It's so lovely when my boarders hit it off so well!

Kia and Harvey had a short break, followed by the return of Izzie and Millie and Bailey for their holidays.

Walks have now continued as normal, lots of trips to King's Forest, Hardwick Heath and Ickworth Park as well as local walks for the dogs in their area.

I have also been back visiting my feline friend Candy, enjoying laptime as she purrs away.

We all survived Storm Ciara unscathed, went in to hibernation on Sunday with the dogs having the odd garden break but otherwise not keen on being out in that noisy wind themselves!

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