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Latest update - Lockdown 3

Posted by peacockspetcare on January 16, 2021 at 11:25 AM

Sadly this virus isn't going away as quickly as hoped but I sincerely hope you are all safe and well.

As you can imagine the impact on businesses like mine is quite wide reaching but thanks to my loyal customers and the government grants we are hanging on in there.

We are now in the 3rd Lockdown and under government guidelines and recommendations from the CFSG I can continue trading. Obviously the dog boarding is not happening as nobody is able to go anywhere but the walking is continuing. During this lockdown I have about half the number of dogs to walk that I normally would as some work places are insisting workers go into the workplace unlike the work from home scenario in the first lockdown. I also have a couple of vulnerable owners that I walk for so am unable to offer a walking service for anybody who is isolating due to a positive test result.

Hopefully when this starts to abate we can see a return to normal!

Take care everyone!

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