Peacocks Pet care


Frequently asked Questions

Do you have any references?

Please look at my testimonials page for genuine customer comments, my furry friends owners wrote them.

Do you charge for travel costs?

No, I charge for the time I am with your pet. If I choose to travel to a walking destination I still give the dog a full hour of walking time.

Do you walk in all weathers?

I walk the dogs in rain and snow as well as good weather.

However if the weather becomes dangerous, for example icy roads or snow drifts, then I will follow local travel warnings and not travel.

I will not however walk dogs once the temperature rises. Having witnessed a dog suffer heatstroke after less than 20 minutes, on a cloudy day, where the temperature only hit 21c I am very strict on this.

Instead of a walk we will go to a park/forest and sit in the shade with water. The dogs can choose to explore or simply relax in the shade.

Do I have to book the same walking times every week?

No, I am very flexible and understand that many of us work shifts including weekends. I ask for a weeks notice of the days and times you need but should something unexpected happen then please call me, if I am available I will be there for your pet.

What is your availability?

Please check on the calendar for boarding availability. 

For dog walking I am currently busy with dogs through the working day, usually between 10.30 and 4.

Do you take unneutered dogs?

I will take un-neutered dogs and bitches but obviously this is dependent on who else is staying and the dogs behaviour.

I am unable to take dogs that show aggression or scent around the house.

If a bitch should go in to season during her stay then she will either be kept home with outside toilet trips or smaller bitches may have walks at quiet times locally. I will be unable to lift a larger bitch to protect her 'dignity' from interested males so will not take her outside the home. If her season is heavy she may need protective wear so that I don't have to charge for cleaning of furniture or carpets.

What information should I give Peacock's Petcare?

You will be sent paperwork that covers everything I need to know, however it would be most useful if you tell me your dogs breed, age, sex, neutered status and general temperament in your initial email contact.

How early should I book my dog in for boarding?

My experience means that I would advise that you book 2-3 months in advance, 

For the last 2 years I had bookings for the Summer holidays from January onwards.

Busiest times are the school holidays and also the Summer months. I am usually non-stop from May to September.

Other periods I would still recommend booking up to 2 months ahead of time.

Do bank holidays or weekends cost more?

No, I charge the same price all year round.

Are dogs let off lead?

This depends on your dog. If you do not want them to be let off lead they won't. 

Those that are allowed off lead will be walked on lead at least 3 times where their recall with me will be tested. They will only be let off when I am confident they will return to me.

Please remember that whilst your dog may be good at recall with you they may not always show the same degree of return with somebody else. It is always safer to keep them on lead if I am uncertain, I am sure you would rather not have your work or even holiday interrupted because they have run away.