Peacocks Pet care


Animal care services and prices.

  • Dog walking - £10 for an hour long walk. £5.50 half hour walks.
  • 2 dogs from same home walking - £15 for an hour. £10 for half an hour.

  • Cat and pet visits - £7 per visit

  • Small animal boarding - £4 per night

  • Dog boarding - £20 per night or £120 per week.
  • 2 dogs from same home boarding - £35 per night, £220 per week.


The dog and small animal boarding service is a home from home service. Whilst you enjoy a break and holiday rest assured that your pet is enjoying their own holiday with us!

This differs from a kennels service in that your dog is in a family home. They will get all the care and loving they want and their own space to retreat to when they want quiet time. They get to enjoy local walks, access to the back garden when they want and a chance to go out and walk with other dogs.

All dogs have their own space and own area of the house, they are never boarded in a room with a strange dog. They are all fed separately too.  They have all their home comforts with them in a home environment.

Please check the diary to see who is boarding when you hope to board yours, they are probably regulars and may appear in the photo albums so you can what types of dogs yours may share with.

They will get a minimum of 2 long walks a day and one shorter. This of course varies dependent on dogs, no dog is forced to walk more than they want. 

For small animals they will have their homes regularly cleaned and food and water regularly topped up but most importantly they will have opportunities for grooming and other human contact as they would in your own home.

All the animals will write you a diary so that you can hear about all their experiences on their own 'holiday'. 

The prices reflect the personalised service and are very competitive for the type of service provided.