Peacocks Pet care


The welfare of the pets in our care are our highest priorities. These rules reflect those priorities.


Peacock’s Petcare agrees to take on the care of your pets on the basis that they are housed in suitable safe and healthy environments with the required amount of food, water and warmth provided to ensure their well being whilst in our care.

Should any of their requirements run out during our visits then we shall purchase the necessary food or other goods and add the cost to your invoice. Should a special trip be required to purchase the item then travel costs will also be added to the bill.

You should advise Peacock’s Petcare of anybody who has access to the property whilst you are away.

All items that will be needed during our visits should either be left out in view or where we can access them easily, this including cleaning items and rubbish bags.

You should ensure that your pet is in full health and has had their necessary flea and worming treatment prior to your departure.

You should advise Peacock’s Petcare of any illness, treatment or concerns you have prior to departure.


Peacock’s Petcare will visit as agreed, this will either be twice daily visits to provide breakfast and tea or one daily visit to ensure food and water is available for the pet.

We will provide the food that you have left for us, ensure there is fresh water, give treats if required and change and scoop any litter trays. If your pet enjoys fuss and attention they shall of course receive as much as they desire.

If your pet is to be allowed outside of the house or their cage then we shall ensure this happens however we cannot accept any responsibility should the pet escape or not return to the house. If we deem the weather or conditions too bad to safely allow an animal outside access during our visit then we shall not let them out for a run.

We do not accept any responsibility for damage or loss of animals if another party has access to the property, if somebody else is present during our visit we shall ensure the essentials have been dealt with then leave.